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The creation of the Capitoline Museums has been traced back to 1471, when Pope Sixtus IV donated a group of bronze statues of great symbolic value to the People of Rome.

The collections are closely linked to the city of Rome, and most of the exhibits come from the city itself.

The Capitoline Hill is the smallest hill in Rome and was originally made up of two parts (the Capitolium and the Arx) separated by a deep valley which corresponds to where Piazza del Campidoglio now stands about 8 metres above the original site.
 The sides of this hill were very steep and on account of the difficulty of reaching the top and the dominating position it enjoyed over the River Tiber, it was chosen as the city's main stronghold.

Through the rooms

The hall was built in an open area that historically marked the boundary between the properties of the Conservators and the Caffarellis. In the same space, which was used to exhibit the many sculptures found in the excavations following the urbanization of new areas after the proclamation of Rome as the Capital of Italy, an octagonal pavilion, designed by Virgilio Vespignani, was built in 1876, later it was disassembled to make space for a garden.

Capitoline Museums and Samsung: technology for museum communication

More in-depth news on the most important sculptures exhibited in the museum and on the paintings in the Pinacoteca Capitolina (Capitoline Picture Gallery) can be accessed on all smartphones  equipped with NFC (Near Field Communication) technology.

The Virtual Tour of the Capitoline Museums – a Zètema Progetto Cultura production developed by HQuadro using the immersive virtual reality technology – is fully interactive and multimedia, and employs sophisticated processing techniques and photo-montage. Take a virtual walk into the halls of the museum. Use your mouse for a 360-degree view, up and down and zoom in to see works of art in detail: sculptures, paintings, architectural details, facings, ceilings and floors.

The Capitoline Museums are now part of the Google Art Project
The Capitoline Museums collection:

The Halls of the Capitoline Museums:

Special audio guides for children and their families at the Capitoline Museums.

Finally, a service especially designed for "young visitors". The great emperor Marcus Aurelius, with his cute and witty steed called Lampo, will welcome children in the Museum. Riding through the halls, telling  jokes, stories, and sharing moments of inspiration and emotion, children will rise to the challenge that is offered to them, "Are you ready to become a true emperor?

27/05 - 14/09/2014
A Universal Artist

Documentary exhibition on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of the great Florentine artist.

27/05 - 14/09/2014
Educational resources for all

Itinerario didattico proposto in occasione della mostra "1564-2014 MICHELANGELO. Incontrare un artista universale".

01/06 - 14/09/2014
Educational resources for all

Itinerario didattico proposto in occasione della mostra "1564-2014 MICHELANGELO. Incontrare un artista universale"

09/07 - 10/09/2014
Special projects

Visite guidate con esplorazioni tattili alle sezioni della mostra dedicate.


Exhibitions and events

A Universal Artist
27 May - 14 September 2014


Educational events


Sala terrena
Making of Google Art Project ai Musei Capitolini
Mosaico delle colombe
Palazzo dei Conservatori
Mosaico con maschere sceniche
Capitolini: Sala Orazi e Curiazi.wmv
Capitolini: Gabinetto della Venere
Capitolini Pinacoteca Santa Petronilla.wmv
Capitolini Esedra Marco Aurelio.wmv
Capitolini: Sala Trionfi.wmv
Musei Capitolini
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Capitolini: Sala Della Lupa.wmv
Capitolini Galleria Lapidaria.wmv
Capitolini Cortile Conservatori.wmv
Capitolini: Tabularium.wmv
Google Art Project - Walkthrough
Musei Capitolini
Google Art Project - Behind The Scenes
Capitolini Tempio di Giove.wmv
Capitolini Sale Horti Mecenate.wmv
Capitolini Cortile Palazzo Nuovo.wmv
Google Art Project - Video di lancio
Google Art Project - TGR Lazio Rai Tre
Capitolini Sala Imperatori.wmv
Capitolini Sala Frontone.wmv
Capitolini Scalone.wmv
Capitolini Sala Delle Oche.wmv
Capitolini Palazzo Nuovo Salone.wmv

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