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Palazzo dei Conservatori Museum

The Palazzo dei Conservatori, headquarters of the magistrature of the same name for hundreds of years, has, since the end of the 15th century, been home to the Capitoline collection of sculptures.

The palazzo's interior design and the layout of the works of art has been modified over the years.
The sculptures were originally situated in the external portico on the ground floor, on the façade and in the courtyard, but gradually were used also to decorate rooms on the first floor.

The name Palazzo dei Conservatori Museum was taken up in 1876 with the expansion of the exhibition area.

The refurbishment completed in 2005 has radically modified the appearance of this section of the museum, with the construction of a large glass hall for the great Capitoline bronzes, the refurbishing of the halls of the Roman Horti and the Castellani Collection, and the creation of a large sector dedicated to the Temple of Capitoline Jupiter.

Halls of the Horti of Maecenas

Palazzo dei Conservatori Museum - Halls of the Horti of Maecenas

The Horti di Mecenate are the most ancient to be found at the residential gardens at the Esquilino; the friend and councillor of Emperor Augustus indeed transformed into a sumptuous residence an area that had until then been used as a necropolis, covering it with a large layer of earth. 
Later having passed to Imperial domain, the gardens became an extension of the Domus Aurea at the time of Nero. 
The only part that still exists today is the Auditorium, a summer triclinium decorated with frescoes with views of gardens.

The sculpted decorations, found in pieces inside walls built in late antiquity, shows the cultural interests of the owner, with images of Muses and hermas with portraits of illustrious persons from literary circles, and his passion for collecting, with Greek funerary stones and very high quality copies of Greek originals. 

Video Halls of the Horti of Maecenas

Roman copy from a Greek original of the 4th century BC
inv. MC1077
From a Greek original of the 3rd century BC
inv. MC0845
From an original of the end of the 4th century BC
inv. MC1088
From an original of the 5th century BC
inv. MC1091
inv. MC1110
From an original of the Hellenistic period
inv. MC1823
From an original of the Hellenistic period
inv. MC1824
From a Hellenistic original of the 2nd century BC
inv. MC2011

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