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- from the Portico of Vignola: on Via del Tempio di Giove a ramp leads to the first floor of Palazzo dei Conservatori.
- from Via delle Tre Pile 1: lift to Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Caffarelli.
In order to use these accesses, which are usually closed to the public, please call in advance tel. +39 0667102071.

Visiting the museum
The floors of the Palazzo dei Conservatori and Palazzo Nuovo are connected by lifts.
A stairlift can be used to access the Tabularium and to get from Palazzo Nuovo to the Lapidary Gallery.
The lift can be used also to access the temporary exhibition hall on the second floor of Palazzo Caffarelli.
Ask the staff for use of the stairlift and the elevator.

Other services
A (limited) wheelchair service is available to people with disabilities, please ask staff for help.

People with hearing impairment

Videoguide in Italian Sign Language - LIS - with Italian subtitles 
Watch the video



Palazzo Nuovo
- Panels with tactile relief models, Braille captions and relief drawings of the sculptures in the museum.
- Tactile models of Piazza del Campidoglio and of the facades of Palazzo Nuovo, Palazzo Senatorio and Palazzo dei Conservatori (small rooms on the ground floor).
Lapidary Gallery and the Tabularium
- Tactile panels with relief plans, Braille captions and relief drawings of the inscriptions.
- Tactile model of Palazzo Senatorio and the Tabularium (in particular the gallery under the Tabularium), and accompanied by a plan of the square.
Free use of tactile panels, please phone in advance for tactile model inspections, tel. +39 0667102071.
Other services
Braille guide books
Guide books, edited by the Directorate of the Capitoline Museums in collaboration with the Associazione Museum, itineraries for blind and visually impaired visitors, with texts, maps and drawings legibly printed with transparent Braille overlays:
- “Palazzo Nuovo. I capolavori di scultura antica
Edited by Marina Mattei, Ivelise Schiavoncini, Giuseppina Simili, Maria Poscolieri
Silvio Zamorani editore, Torino 2004 (funded by “Amici dei Musei di Roma”)
- Palazzo dei Conservatori. L'Appartamento
Edited by Maria Dell’Era, Giuseppina Simili, Maria Poscolieri
Silvio Zamorani editore, Torino 2005 (with financial support of the Culture department of the Region of Lazio)
- Galleria Lapidaria. Messaggi dalla pietra
Edited by Daniela Velestino, Giuseppina Simili, Maria Poscolieri
Silvio Zamorani editore, Torino 2007
Books are available free for use to all visitors, on request at tel. +39 0667102071.

Educational activities
Tours with qualified guides and including tactile resources are available in English and Italian, upon request, and for some exhibitions.



Free admission to visitors with disabilities and a family member or a carer who can prove that they belong to social and health care services 

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