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23 December 2005 - 23 January 2006

The new arrangement for the Palazzo dei Conservatori has a modern architectural note to it thanks to the great glass hall where the equestrian statue of Marcus Aurelius is now situated together with the imposing remains of the temple to Capitoline Jupiter and other items from recent excavations; the Campidoglio also hosts once again the sculptures of the roman Horti and the Castellani collection of Greek and Etruscan vases.

17 September 2005

Third edition of the "White Night" in Rome, organised through a twinning agreement with Paris: the Musei Capitolini will be open all night, from 8pm to 6am, with free admission to the museum and the current exhibition.

19 July - 19 August 2005

Capitoline Museums' new Galleria Lapidaria, with a selection of the most important items from the Capitoline's epigraphic collection.

7 - 21 July 2005

Concerts in the Courtyard of Palazzo dei Conservatori

16 - 22 May 2005

Free entry to the Museum and educational tours.

Palazzo Nuovo
8 February - 8 March 2005

Presentation of the first volume of the leaders in braille of the Museums Capitolini, realized in collaboration with the association "Museum" and with the contribution of the association "Friends of the Museums of Rome".

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