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three centuries of music at the Capitoline Museums
21 December 2002 - 4 January 2003

This series of concerts offers precious evidence of musical expression from the 17th to the 20th century.

Dolce Roma. A night at the Campidoglio
19 December 2002 - 5 January 2003

A wandering theatrical show, through secret passages, from the Tabularium to the Palazzo dei Conservatori.

The Museum meets Children
9 November 2002 - 5 January 2003

Free tour with audio-guide with Disney characters for children from 7 to 12 years old.

An experimental season of free guided tours to the Capitoline Museums for people from outside the European Union working in Rome, organised according to country of origin.

25 June - 23 July 2002

Genius and passion at the service of music.
Concerts in the Courtyard of the Palazzo dei Conservatori.

24 June - 15 July 2002

Season of films on the Caffarelli Terrace.

Sala Pietro da Cortona
27 April - 12 May 2002

Sonetti di grandi poeti interpretati da Mario Scaccia ed Edoardo Sala.

15 - 21 April 2002

Free entrance (inc. children) to the museum and its educational activities.

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