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L'accoglienza della cultura. La cultura dell'accoglienza
Musei Capitolini
21 October - 17 December 2003

Ciclo di dieci visite guidate gratuite ai Musei Capitolini dedicato ai cittadini dei nuovi paesi che entreranno a far parte dell'Unione Europea, che vivono e lavorano a Roma.

27 September 2003

The Capitoline Museums and the Montemartini Power Plant will be open with a series of events on the night of the 27th and the 28th of September 2003 as part of the 'Notte bianca a Roma' ("White Night in Rome"), organised as part of a twinning agreement with Paris and an understanding with Brussels.

Concerts in the Courtyard of the Palazzo dei Conservatori.

Season of films on the Caffarelli Terrace.

Palazzo Clementino-Caffarelli
18 June - 18 July 2003

The museum itinerary has been enriched by the addition of a section dedicated to the Capitoline Coin and Medal Collection, to be situated in Palazzo Clementino-Caffarelli, and featuring the exhibition of a fine array of coins, medals and ancient jems which until now have not been shown to the public.

5 - 11 May 2003

Free entrance to the Museum and its educational activities.

12 April 2003

This show is a tribute to the legendary singer who died in 1997. Patrick Rossi Gastaldi, actor and director, leads the theatre narration and will be accompanied by several musical instruments. Music will be directed by Cinzia Gangarella. "C'est ci bon! Roma canta Montand".

Monique Basserau, accompanied by piano and violin, will perform some of Piaf's best known numbers.
"C'est ci bon! Roma canta Montand".

17 March 2003

A concert of French songs from the twentieth century, performed by the italian "chansonnier" Cesare Nissirio, accompanied by Giovanni Truncellito on piano and Paolo Rozzi on accordion.
"C'est ci bon! Roma canta Montand".

Sala Pietro da Cortona
3 January 2003

Concerto ad ingresso libero nella Sala Pietro da Cortona.

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