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Young artists in Italian museums
Palazzo Nuovo
8 November - 14 December 2004

Three works by young artists who reinterpret the statue of Aesculapius on display in the Great Hall of Palazzo Nuovo as part of a project which is currently ongoing in 28 Italian cities.

Palazzo Caffarelli
22 October 2004 - 28 March 2005

Many engravings representing the italian landscape, done by the artist during his frequent journeys in Italy and, for the first time, a set of graphic works dedicated to Rome, when the artist lived many years.

Capitoline Picture Gallery
16 September - 17 October 2004

Caravaggio's Emmaus's Supper from the Brera Gallery will be exhibited for the first time in the Capitol.

FotoGrafia - Festival internazionale di Roma
Palazzo Caffarelli
8 July - 3 October 2004

Pictures of the great German photographer, among the pioneers of social photography in Europe, from the Sander Archive in Munich.

Palazzo Caffarelli
8 April - 29 June 2004

Precious collection of roman panel and mural paintings datable from the end of the 13th century to the very early years of the 14th century.

Palazzo Caffarelli
5 February - 28 March 2004

Photographs, costumes, paintings, awards: the life of Anna Magnani told in an exhibition 30 years after her death.

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