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Metaphors of the Gaze
2 October 2015 - 24 January 2016

The exhibition Raffaello Parmigianino Barocci. Metaphors of the Gaze compares the art of Francesco Mazzola, known as Parmigianino, and Federico Fiori, also known as Il Barocci, two artists who lived at different times, with the work of Raphael.

L'Accademia disegna. Opere e studi dei giovani artisti dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma
Galleria degli Horti
24 September - 4 October 2015

Mostra didattica nell'ambito dell'esposizione “L’età dell’angoscia. Da Commodo a Diocleziano (180-305 d.C.)
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The Self-Portrait
Palazzo Caffarelli
23 June - 3 August 2015

Enigmatic, fascinating, beautiful... For the first time in Rome   at the Capitoline Museums the famous Self-portrait of the Tuscan master.

From Commodus to Diocletian (180-305 AD)
28 January - 4 October 2015

The exhibition The Age of Anxiety, the fourth appointment of the cycle "I Giorni di Roma", aims to deepen the knowledge of a historical period of great change that marked the age between the reigns of Commodus (180-192 AD) and Diocletian (284-305 AD).

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