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L'Accademia disegna. Opere e studi dei giovani artisti dell’Accademia di Belle Arti di Roma
Galleria degli Horti
24 September - 4 October 2015

Mostra didattica nell'ambito dell'esposizione “L’età dell’angoscia. Da Commodo a Diocleziano (180-305 d.C.)
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The Self-Portrait
Palazzo Caffarelli
23 June - 3 August 2015

Enigmatic, fascinating, beautiful... For the first time in Rome   at the Capitoline Museums the famous Self-portrait of the Tuscan master.

From Commodus to Diocletian (180-305 AD)
28 January - 4 October 2015

The exhibition The Age of Anxiety, the fourth appointment of the cycle "I Giorni di Roma", aims to deepen the knowledge of a historical period of great change that marked the age between the reigns of Commodus (180-192 AD) and Diocletian (284-305 AD).

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