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The Classical Tradition in Annibale Carracci and Caravaggio
Palazzo Caffarelli-Clementino
19 October 2001 - 3 February 2002

The exhibition has been planned around the presentation to the public of St. John the Baptist, a masterpiece by Annibale Carracci (Bologne 1560 - Rome 1609) after over three centuries in which its whereabouts were unknown.

Porcelain manufacture at the time of Brongniart. From the sketch to the finished product
21 June - 6 September 2001

A hundred decorative drawings and some porcelain products from the well-known French factory and from French and Italian museums.

Navigators and Trade in the Eastern Mediterranean from the 16th to the 6th centuries BC
Palazzo Caffarelli
25 January - 29 April 2001

Evidence of trade between the Greek islands and the eastern shores of the Mediterranean in a particularly interesting period for the formation of Greek figurative culture.

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