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12 December 2008 - 8 March 2009

For the first time in their history, the Capitoline Museums are playing host to a quite unheard of historic, formal and aesthetic meeting of its in-house permanent collections and a newly created exhibit of contemporary porcelain and designs from the National Sèvres Factory.

Demolizioni e scavi: 1924-1940
Palazzo Caffarelli
23 July - 23 November 2008

Photos, paintings, frescoes and archaeological collections municipal documenting the changes in the urban fabric in the Fori Imperiali.

Porcelain and furnishings during the days of the Grand Tour
Palazzo Caffarelli
7 March - 6 July 2008

When artefacts recovered from important archaeological sites in Rome and the excavations in Pompeii and Herculaneum went on public display in the 18th century, they certainly rekindled a general interest in the ancient world. This exhibition, featuring porcelain manufactured in Doccia and items in biscuit by Giovanni Volpato, makes that fact very clear as the displays include the original ancient prototypes with which to compare them. Examples of Naples and foreign porcelain are also on show as are a selection of paintings, drawings and engravings.

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