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Release date: 09/26/2006

The restoration of an important sculptural group, acquired in 1773 by Pope Clement XII with the proceeds from the Lottery, and now financed by Lottomatica.


Release date: 09/26/2006

The restoration works on the Bust of Medusa by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and its eighteenth century base have been completed.
Until the end of this year’s Christmas celebrations, the sculpture will be temporarily on display in the Hall of the Tapestries to allow the public to appreciate the work from all sides, before it is transferred to its final position on its original eighteenth pedestal in the adjacent Hall of the Geese.
The restoration aims to conserve the work: it was directed by Elena Bianca Di Gioia, and planned and carried out by the restorers Tuccio Sante Guido and Giuseppe Mantella, and has made use of non destructive diagnostic tests and close study of the working techniques and the finishing of the surfaces of the marble.
The restoration was conceived as an “open workshop”, allowing visitors to observe how the operation proceeded in all its phases. It was carried out thanks to the support of the Italian Tobacconists Federation and Logista Italia as part of the “FIT for Art and Culture” project.


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