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Release date: 10/18/2011

MIC Magazine is the new quarterly seeking to promote museums, exhibitions and events organized in the Civic Museum Network in Rome.

Release date: 03/23/2011

A new and experimental program of art activities led by students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, as part of the educational resources of the exhibition "Ritratti. Le tante facce del potere” (Portraits. The many faces of power), starts today.
Every Wednesday (9.30 – 11.30 am) the students, coordinated by Professor Miriam Mirolla, will draw from real objects, make graphic and photographic studies of sculptures, an experiment of visual deprivation with a "box for portraits”, and will shoot the video of the activities.
Schools interested can book at tel. +39 0642888888.
The works produced the students will be on display at the Sale Terrene of Palazzo Nuovo in Campidoglio.

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